R/BR 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Class – Rebuilt. No. 35018 British India Line (1956), No. 35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co. (1962), No. 35030 Elder-Dempster Lines (1967) (O. V. S. Bullied / R. G. Jarvis) Steam Locomotive Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The Merchant Navy pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work the express passenger trains of the Southern Railway. They were named after shipping companies which used ports owned by the Southern Railway.

Originally built with airsmooth casing and chain driven valve gear enclosed in an oil bath the class were rebuilt by British Railways to a more traditional form with standard Walschaerts valve gear, with the design work being overseen by R. G. Jarvis.

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No. 35018 British India Line – 1956

No. 35018 British India Line was chosen as the first locomotive to be rebuilt. As the prototype it had a number of unique features, such as the routing of the ejector pipe and the positioning of the mechanical lubricators, which lead to the front sandboxes having their filler pipes angled away to stop sand falling onto the lubricators. On the left-hand side the routing for the water delivery pipes differed and the snifting valve was hidden behind the smoke deflector. The smoke deflectors originally lacked handrails, but these were soon added.

The 6,000 gallon tender was cut-down, giving better access. It kept the looped ladder styles and TIA water treatment. The livery followed the normal BR practice with panelled lining on the cab and tender sides along with the small version of lion over wheel crest.

Built: (Eastleigh) May 1945. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) February 1956.
Withdrawn: August 1964.

No. 35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co. – 1962spacer

No. 35006 was rebuilt after having run 962,757 miles. It followed what was then the standard configuration regarding the ejector pipe and the positioning of the mechanical lubricators, further back away from the front sand box. Pockets have been added to the platform front plate to accommodate the longer piston valve spindles resulting from the fitting of U.K. packing glands. AWS has been fitted along with a speedometer. The nameplate now has a red background.

It is attached to a cut-down 5,000 gallon tender with BR briquette water treatment system.

Built: (Eastleigh) January 1941. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) October 1959.
Withdrawn: August 1964.

No. 35030 Elder-Dempster Lines – 1967spacer

On 9th July 1967 No. 35030 Elder-Dempster Lines was used for the last Southern Region steam hauled passenger train, the 2.07 pm Weymouth to Waterloo. The illustration shows the locomotive still with it’s nameplates, which were removed in the final weeks before withdrawal. A fabricated trailing truck is fitted along with SR buffers, AWS and Speedo.

It is attached to a cut-down 6,000 gallon tender fitted with the BR briquette water treatment system. The breather pipe has been removed. Electrification notices added to smoke deflectors.

Built: (Eastleigh) April 1949. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) April 1958.
Withdrawn: July 1967.


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