SR 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Class – The Fifties (50s). No. 35004 Cunard White Star (1951), No. 35012 United States Lines (1952), No. 35028 Clan Line (1958) (O. V. S. Bullied) Steam Locomotive Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The Merchant Navy pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work the express passenger trains of the Southern Railway.

The class was built with air-smoothed casing and chain driven valve gear enclosed in an oil bath. They were named after shipping companies which used ports owned by the Southern Railway.

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No. 35004 Cunard White Star – 1951

No. 35004 was one of the first series locomotives to be built, with the side casing made from Limpet board, an asbestos product. Standard smoke deflectors were fitted in May 1947, which had a baton attached and holes drilled for the attachment of the Devon Belle wing plates.

A new wedge cab was fitted in June 1950 using the same design as that used for the third series; it was repainted BR blue at the same time. It remained attached to a 5,000 gallon tender which, as they were built to match the height of the original cab, meant it did not line up with the new design. Sanding to the front coupled wheels had been removed.

Built: (Eastleigh) December 1941. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) July 1958.
Withdrawn: October 1965.

No. 35012 United States Lines – 1952spacer

No. 35012’s cab was modified in March 1949 to the wedge style. It was done by utilising as much of the existing framework as possible, rather than replacing the whole cab, this meant that the second series cabs always had differences compared to the completly new design used for the first and third series. It’s smoke deflectors had Devon Belle batons fitted.

In July 1952 United States Lines was chosen as one of the ‘guinea pigs’. The modifications included reducing the boiler pressure to 250psi, with the cover around the safety valves being removed. New cylinder drains were fitted with two pipes of larger diameter and the casing in front of the cylinders removed. The roof access doors were changed from lifting to sliding ones

At the same time it’s 5,100 gallon tender had its raves cut away to allow better access. The livery was changed to BR Green with panelled lining on the cab and tender sides.

Built: (Eastleigh) January 1945. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) March 1957.
Withdrawn: April 1967.

No. 35028 Clan Line – 1958spacer

No. 35028 had its safety valves resited behind the dome in December 1954. This was done to stop surging water being ejected through the originally positioned safety valves under braking. Plain coupling rods were fitted in July 1956 and later it had BR four nut crank pin fastenings. The fairing behind the chimney has been removed. The brackets on the casing side were for attaching the ‘Golden Arrow’ when it hauled the service. It has a 6,000 gallon tender.

It was the only Merchant Navy to carry the later BR totem on a high-sided tender.

Built: (Eastleigh) December 1948. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) November 1959.
Withdrawn: July 1967.


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