SR 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Class – The Forties (40s). No. 21C1 Channel Packet (1941), No. 21C14 Nederland Line (1946), No. 35023 Holland-Africa Line (1949) (O. V. S. Bullied) Steam Locomotive Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The Merchant Navy pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work the express passenger trains of the Southern Railway.

The class was built with air-smoothed casing and chain driven valve gear enclosed in an oil bath. They were named after shipping companies which used ports owned by the Southern Railway.

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No. 21C1 Channel Packet – 1941

No. 21C1 Channel Packet was the first of the class to be built and was named after the Southern Railway’s own cross-channel fleet. It was named by the Minister of Transport Lt.-Col. J. T. C. Moore-Brabazon at Eastleigh Works on 10th March 1941. It was attached to a matching 5,000 gallon tender.

No. 21C1 was finished in matt malachite green with three horizontal yellow lines. Cast number plates were fixed to the cab side and to the slopping plate above the buffer beam, although this was soon moved to the vertical face below its initial position. A cast plate carrying the word SOUTHERN was attached to the tender side. The locomotive underwent extensive trials from Eastleigh Works before being placed into traffic at Salisbury in June 1941.

Built: (Eastleigh) February 1941. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) August 1959.
Withdrawn: November 1964.

No. 21C14 Nederland Line – 1946spacer

No. 21C14 Nederland Line was one of the second series which incorporated many of the changes made to the first ten to solve the problems encountered with smoke clearance, including the revised front cowling and smoke deflectors. This series also had a redesigned cab which did not curve forward and top was horizontal instead of sloping down at the back. Sanding has been added to the front of all the driving wheels. It was attached to a 5,100 gallon tender.

No. 21C14 entered traffic in black livery but was repainted in malachite green for the naming ceremony, which was carried out by Mr. A. F. Bronsing, Managing Director of Nederland Line, at Waterloo on 27th November 1945.

Built: (Eastleigh) February 1945. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) July 1956.
Withdrawn: March 1967.

No. 35023 Holland-Africa Line – 1949spacer

No. 35023 was one of the third series built and emerged under British Railways ownership. They generally followed the second series locomotives, but had a new design of wedge shaped cab, fabricated trailing truck and parallel (LMS) buffers. The third series also had the turbo generator moved to below the cab side on the drivers side. The fairing was removed from behind the chimney to try and aid smoke clearance. It was attached to larger 6,000 gallon tender.

It was named by Mr. M. A. Pelt, Managing Director of the shipping company, at Southampton docks on 24th January 1949.

Built: (Eastleigh) November 1948. Rebuilt (Eastleigh) February 1957.
Withdrawn: July 1967.


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