SR/BR 4-6-2 Light Pacific – Rebuilt Battle of Britain (Light Pacific) Class. No. 34056 Croydon (1962), No. 34087 145 Squadron 1(965), No. 34052 Lord Dowding (1966) (O. V. S. Bullied / R. G. Jarvis) Steam Locomotive Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The light pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work over the restricted secondary routes of the Southern Railway. Two naming themes were used; ‘West Country’ and the ‘Battle of Britain’. The ‘Battle of Britain’ locomotives were named in tribute to the personalities, aircraft, RAF stations and squadrons involved in the 1940 air battle.

Originally built with airsmooth casing and chain driven valve gear enclosed in an oil bath many of the class were rebuilt by British Railways to a more traditional form with standard Walschaerts valve gear, with the design work being overseen by R. G. Jarvis. The narrow cabs of the early class members were widened to 9 foot when rebuilt, although keeping their original windows.

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No. 34056 Croydon – 1962

Croydon Airport, London’s main airport at this time, was closed to civil aviation in September 1939, but played a vital role as a fighter station during the Battle of Britain.

The nameplate has a black background, which was the official colour at this time. The front step has been raised and pockets, smaller than later used, have been added to the platform front plate to accommodate the longer piston valve spindles resulting from the fitting of U.K. packing glands. AWS has been fitted along with a speedometer.

It has a 4,500 gallon cut-down tender fitted with the BR briquette water treatment system.

Built: (Brighton) February 1947. Rebuilt: (Eastleigh) December 1960.
Withdrawn: May 1967.

No. 34087 145 Squadron – 1965spacer

145 Squadron flew Hawker Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain, operating from Tangmere and Westhampnet (now Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit) airfields.

It has large piston valve pockets, increased to enable easier inspection. The nameplate has a blue background – lighter than the original SR blue. It is fitted with hollow axle bogie wheels.

No. 34087 is attached to a rebodied tender with a new 5,250 gallon tank, the only one to use an ex-5,500 tank chassis. This rebodied tender was originally attached to No. 34031 Torrington.

Built: (Brighton) December 1948. Rebuilt: (Eastleigh) December 1960.
Withdrawn: July 1967.

No. 34052 Lord Dowding – 1966spacer

Lord Dowding was named after the Commander-in-Chief Fighter Command, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding GCB, GCVO, CMG (1882 – 1970).

The bogie has the Merchant Navy style adjuster and the front buffers are the parallel (LMS) type. AWS is fitted along with a speedometer. Electrification warning signs have been added.

It is attached to a 5,500 gallon cut-down tender with BR briquette water treatment system.

Built: (Brighton) December 1946. Rebuilt: (Eastleigh) September 1958.
Withdrawn: July 1967.


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