SR/BR Battle of Britain (Light Pacific) Class. No. 21C166 Spitfire (1947), No.34073 249 Squadron (1952), No. 34051 Winston Churchill (1965) (O. V. S. Bullied) Steam Locomotive Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The light pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work over the restricted secondary routes of the Southern Railway. Two naming themes were used; ‘West Country’ and the ‘Battle of Britain’.

The ‘Battle of Britain’ locomotives were named in tribute to
the personalities, aircraft, RAF stations and squadrons involved in the 1940 air battle.

Scale: 5 mm/ft

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No. 21C166 Spitfire – 1947

Shown as named at Waterloo Station on 16th September 1947 by Sir Hew Kilney, Managing Director of Vickers Armstrong Aircraft Co., to commemorate the Supermarine Spitfire designed by Reginald J. Mitchell.

It is in Southern malachite green livery and is attached to a 4,500 gallon high-sided tender. No. 21C166 was the first to be built with a wedge cab and three side windows, which became standard from then on. It was fitted with reversed coupling rods.

Built: (Brighton) September 1947. Withdrawn: September 1966.

No. 34073 249 Squadron – 1952spacer

No. 34073 was fitted with parallel (LMS) buffers and was one of the first to be built with a 9 foot wide cab and tender. It is shown in 1952 condition in BR green with lion over wheel symbol and attached to 5,500 gallon high-sided tender fitted with the TIA water treatment system. By this time the sanding to the front driving wheels had been removed and the hinged roof access panels had been changed to sliding ones, also the slidebar oil box had been moved to make it more easily accessible.

No. 34073 249 Squadron was named after the only squadron to have a Battle of Britain pilot, Flt Lt James Brindley Nicolson, awarded the Victoria Cross. This was the only time a pilot of RAF Fighter Command received this decoration during the Second World War.

Built: (Brighton) May 1948. Withdrawn: June 1964.
It has been preserved.

No.34051 Winston Churchill – 1965spacer

No. 34051 is shown in the condition it hauled Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral train on 30th January 1965, crewed by driver Alf Hurley and fireman James Lester. It is in BR green with totem and is attached to a 4,500 gallon cut-down tender fitted with the BR briquette water treatment system.

The safety valves have been reduced to two and moved behind the dome and the fairings have been removed from in front of the cylinders. Extra washout plugs have been added to the top-front of the boiler, accessed by sliding covers. The slidebar bracket has been re-designed to improve its strength and is now cast rather than fabricated. It is fitted with a two piece piston rod and crosshead and has BR four nut crank pin fastenings. AWS has been fitted along with a speedometer and it also has reversed coupling rods. The batons are still in place along the top of the smoke deflectors, which were used to attach the 'Devon Belle' wingplates.

Built: (Brighton) December 1946. Withdrawn: September 1965.
It has been preserved.


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