LMS 4-6-2 Princess Coronation (Duchess) Class – BR Standard Liveries. No. 46220 Coronation (1950), No. 46234 Duchess of Abercorn (1955), No. 46235 City of Birmingham (1961) (W. A. Stanier) Locomotive Steam Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The Princess Coronation class were designed to haul the new LMS high-speed Anglo-Scottish service which was introduced in Coronation year, 1937, and called the 'Coronation Scot'.

They were designed to William A. Stanier’s brief while he was away in India with the Wedgwood Committee looking into the state of that country's railways. The design work was undertaken by Thomas F. Coleman, Chief Draughtsman and Stanier’s Principle Assistant, Robert A. Riddles.

The first ones appeared as streamliners but in 1938 five were built in normal form; the last nine were also non-streamliners. From 1946 the streamlined locomotives had their casings removed.

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No. 46220 Coronation – 1950

The first of the class to be built it hauled the press run for the ‘Coronation Scot’ on 29th June 1937 when it touched 114 mph, a world speed record for steam traction. It was crewed by Driver Tom J. Clarke and Fireman John Lewis. A double chimney was fitted in March 1944. Coronation was de-streamlined and had smoke deflectors (with footholds) added in November 1946. The de-streamlined locomotives kept their sloping top smokeboxes until they needed replacing.

In January 1950 it was painted in standard BR express blue, having the front cab windows enlarged at the same time. It kept its unique riveting patten to the cab side sheets and was still fitted with its original by-pass cylinder valves, which were only fitted to the first five.

The tender is a de-streamlined welded Mk IV.

Built: (Crewe) June 1937. Withdrawn: April 1963.

No. 46234 Duchess of Abercorn – 1955spacer

Early in 1939 No. 6234 was chosen for testing. The first run showed some problems with poor steaming, so for the second, on 26th February, a double chimney was fitted and during this it recorded a sustained output of 3,300 i.h.p. for five minutes. A record never beaten by a British steam locomotive. It was fitted with smoke deflectors (without footholds) in March 1946.

It is shown in 1955 condition in BR green with early crest and red background to nameplate.

The tender is a welded Mk V, with deep profile cut-outs at the front.

Built: (Crewe) August 1938. Withdrawn: January 1963.

No. 46235 City of Birmingham – 1961spacer

No. 6235 was built as a streamliner in 1939 with a double chimney. It was the first ‘City’ and had the coat-of-arms mounted above the nameplate. The streamlining was removed in April 1946 and smoke deflectors added. A round smokebox was fitted in September 1956.

It is shown in BR green with later totem, fitted with AWS and BR Speedometer.

The tender is a de-streamlined welded Mk IV.

Built: (Crewe) June 1939. Withdrawn: September 1964. It has been preserved.


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