LMS 4-6-2 Princess Coronation (Duchess) Class – The Thirties. No. 6221 Queen Elizabeth (1937), No. 6227 Duchess of Devonshire (1938), No. 6230 Duchess of Buccleuch (1938) (W. A. Stanier) Locomotive Steam Print Click/tap the image to view a larger version


The Princess Coronation class were designed to haul the new LMS high-speed Anglo-Scottish service which was introduced in Coronation year, 1937, and called the ‘Coronation Scot’.

They were designed to William A. Stanier’s brief while he was away in India with the Wedgwood Committee looking into the state of that country's railways. The design work was undertaken by Thomas F. Coleman, Chief Draughtsman and Stanier’s Principle Assistant, Robert A. Riddles.

The first ones appeared as streamliners but in 1938 five were built in normal form; the last nine were also non-streamliners.

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No. 6221 Queen Elizabeth – 1937

No. 6221 was the second locomotive completed and was named after Elizabeth Angela Marguerite (Bowes-Lyon) the wife of King George VI and later, after her daughter’s succession, known by the title, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The first five were built with cylinder by-pass valves which required the streamlined casing to have vertical flanges to accommodate them. They were fitted with Stone-Deuta speed recorders.

The livery was LMS blue and silver and it had a Mk IV welded streamlined tender attached.

Built: (Crewe) June 1937. Withdrawn: May 1963.

No. 6227 Duchess of Devonshire – 1938spacer

No. 6227 is from the second batch named after Duchesses, which gave the class its popular name.

Many modifications were made to this batch including the change to standard drain cocks, which enabled the casing to have a constant profile in this area. A louvred panel was added to the casing behind the left-hand buffer fairing for the ATC air filter. Double brake shoes were fitted in place of the single ones used for the first batch, this became standard from then on. The speed recorder was changed to a BTH one.

After the initial five blue streamlines the rest were painted LMS red and gold. The tender is a Mk IV welded streamlined version with a cowl fitted to stop dust and grit being drawn into the cab.

Built: (Crewe) June 1938. Withdrawn: September 1964.

No. 6230 Duchess of Buccleuch* – 1938spacer

No. 6230 was built in standard non-streamlined form and because of the absence of the streamline casing were lighter and easier to maintain. They were built without smoke deflectors as the single blastpipe and chimney did not cause much of a smoke clearance problem. They incorporated many of the relevant modifications incorporated in the second batch of streamlines.

The livery was LMS red with the lining being gold with vermilion either side. It was attached to a Mk V welded tender with deep profile cut-outs at the front.

Built: (Crewe) June 1938. Withdrawn: November 1963.

*pronounced Buck-lew


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