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spacerFEATURING: No. 34008 PADSTOW

The light pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work over the restricted secondary routes of the Southern Railway. Two naming themes were used; ‘West Country’ and the ‘Battle of Britain’. The ‘West Country’ locomotives were named after cities, towns or geographical features in the western section of the Southern Railway.

Originally built with airsmooth casing and chain driven valve gear enclosed in an oil bath many of the class were rebuilt by British Railways to a more traditional form with standard Walschaerts valve gear, with the design work being overseen by R. G. Jarvis.

Scale of Locomotive: 5 mm/ft

Paper Size: 404 mm x 303 mm (16 in x 12 in)
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Telephone Orders
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No. 34008 Padstow

Padstow was named after the town and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall and was officially named at Padstow Station by L H L Saunders, Chairman of Padstow UDC, on 31st October 1945. It carried the Duchy of Cornwall shield of 15 Or (gold) Bezants on a Sable (black) field which was positioned above the nameplate after rebuilding.

Padstow is portrayed in rebuilt condition, fitted with AWS and speedometer. It is attached to a cut-down 4,500 gallon tender with the BR briquette water treatment system.

Built: (Brighton) September 1945. Rebuilt: (Eastleigh) June 1960. Withdrawn: June 1967.

The Devon Bellespacer

The Devon Belle was a luxury all Pullman service which ran between Waterloo and Ilfracombe, plus Plymouth until September 1949. The service had an observation car at the rear, which was a unique feature among SR titled trains.

Inaugural titled run: 20th June 1947. Last titled run: 19th September 1954.

The Bournemouth Bellespacer

The Bournemouth Belle was a luxury all Pullman service which ran between Waterloo and Bournemouth.

Inaugural titled run: 5th July 1931. Titled withdrawn: 10th September 1939. Reintroduced: 7th October 1947. Last titled run: 9th July 1967.

The Atlantic Coast Expressspacer

The Atlantic Coast Express (ACE) was an express service between Waterloo and seaside resorts on the north coast of Devon and Cornwall; Padstow, Ilfracombe and Bude.

Inaugural titled run: 19th July 1926. Titled withdrawn: 10th September 1939. Reintroduced: 6th October 1947. Last titled run: 5th September 1964.

The Royal Wessexspacer

The Royal Wessex was an express service between; Waterloo, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Swanage. It was introduced to mark the Festival of Britain.

Inaugural titled run 3rd May 1951. Last titled run: 8th July 1967.


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