BR Class 8P No. 71000 Duke of Gloucester (R. A. Riddles) Steam Locomotive Print

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Telephone Orders
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BR 4-6-2 Class 8P

Limited Edition Print: £32.50

Scale: 8 mm/ft – 560 mm over buffers

Paper Size: 710 mm x 305 mm (28 in x 12 in)

Limited Edition Run: 350 – signed and numbered

No. 71000 Duke of Gloucester – 1961

After 46202 Princess Anne was destroyed in the 1952 Harrow and Wealdstone accident the opportunity was taken by R.A. Riddles to produce a prototype Class 8P locomotive. The design was based on the Britannia class, but had three cylinders with British Caprotti rotary cam poppet valve gear and enlarged boiler.

71000 was stationed at Crewe North Shed and worked the West Coast main line. Unfortunately it struggled for steam at high outputs and this was never resolved due to the implementation of the modernisation plan. It is show as running in 1961, with BR1J tender attached. 71000 has been preserved and is owned by the BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust.

Built: Crewe, May 1954

BR1J Tender: November 1957

AWS: December 1959

Withdrawn: November 1962

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