BR Class 7P No. 70000 Britannia (R. A. Riddles) Steam Locomotive Print

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Telephone Orders
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BR 4-6-2 Class 7P

Limited Edition Print: £34.50

Edition Run: 250
All Signed and Numbered

Scale: 8 mm/ft – 550 mm over buffers

Paper Size: 700 mm x 305 mm
(27.6 in x 12 in)

No. 70000 Britannia – 1951

When the railway companies were nationalised on 1st January 1948 the decision was made to produce a range of standard locomotives; taking into account the prevailing economic and social conditions of the time. R.A. Riddles, Member of the Railway Executive for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, oversaw this work with the first to appear being No. 70000 Britannia in January 1951.

This two cylinder class 7 pacific was designed for fast mixed traffic along with a wide route availability and easy maintenance features. It is shown as named at Marylebone Station by the Minister of Transport The Rt Hon. Alfred Barnes. Britannia has been preserved.

Built: Crewe, January 1951

Named: 30th January 1951

AWS: September 1959

Withdrawn: June 1966

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