GNR No.1470 Great Northern Locomotive Print

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Great Northern Railway 4-6-2 Class A1

Price: £32.50 (when published)

Scale: 8 mm/ft – 562 mm over buffers

Paper Size: 710 mm x 305 mm (28 in x 12 in)

Limited Edition Run: 250 – signed and numbered

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No. 1470 Great Northern – 1922

TThe A1s were designed by H. N. Gresley for the Great Northern Railway with No.1470 Great Northern being the first to appear. On the formation of the LNER Great Northern was first renumbered 1470N (October 1923) and then 4470 (March 1925).

Later members of the class were built to run over the old North British Railway by having their boiler fittings and cab reduced in height, the earlier class members were later similarly modified. The class was greatly improved with the fitting of long travel valves. In 1945 Edward Thompson controversially choose to rebuild Great Northern as the prototype for his A1 class. The illustration shows No.1470 in 1922 condition.

Built: Doncaster, April 1922

Long Travel Valves: August 1930

LNER Loading Gauge: May 1933

Rebuilt: September 1945