SR/BR Rebuilt West Country (Light Pacific) Class No. 34100 Appledore (O V S Bulleid / R G Jarvis) Steam Locomotive Print

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SR/BR 4-6-2 Rebuilt West Country Class

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Scale: 8 mm/ft – 539 mm over buffers

Paper Size: 690 mm x 305 mm
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No. 34100 Appledore – 1961

The light pacifics were designed by O.V.S. Bulleid to work over the restricted secondary routes of the Southern Railway. Two naming themes were used; ‘West Country’ and the ‘Battle of Britain’. The ‘West Country’ locomotives were named after cities, towns or geographical features in the western section of the Southern Railway.

Appledore was named after the village on the north coast of Devon. 34100 was one of the 60 light pacifics chosen to be rebuilt. While shedded at Stewarts Lane it was used on the prestigious Golden Arrow service and was chosen to work the last steam hauled Golden Arrow on 11th June 1961, which is the condition portrayed.

Built: Brighton, Dec 1949

Named: From New

Rebuilt: Eastleigh, Sept 1960

Withdrawn: July 1967