LMS Duchess Class No. 46240 City of Coventry (W A Stanier) Steam Locomotive Print

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LMS Princess Coronation Class

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Scale: 8 mm/ft – 590 mm over buffers

Paper Size: 720 mm x 305 mm
(28.3 in x 12 in)

Limited Edition Run: 250
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No. 46240 City of Coventry – 1950

The streamlined Princess Coronation class were designed to William A. Stanier’s brief while he was in India, by his very able team, to haul the new ‘Coronation Scot’ and other heavy express passenger services on the West Coast route to Scotland. City of Coventry was built streamlined in 1940, appearing in the streamlined red and gold livery.

City of Coventry spent nearly all its working life based at Camden (London) working prestigious trains such as The Caledonian and The Royal Scot. It also served as the Royal locomotive for a time. City of Coventry is portrayed in 1950 condition in the blue livery given to the top line express locomotives by British Railways at that time.

Built (Streamlined): March 1940

Streamlining Removed: July 1947

Round Smokebox: July 1953

Withdrawn: September 1964